I’m a 30-year-old woman in a relationship since 2008. I love him very much but lately I feel like we’re losing each other. We haven’t had sex in months! I don’t want us to wait too long to do something about this just to be nice and avoid hurting each other. How do I bring back the excitement into our relationship and light the fire again because it used to be amazing? Please help me because I don’t want to lose my best friend. – Spark is Fading

Dear Spark, Many couples feel that after years together their relationship is not as passionate. You are not alone. Some couples may not feel as appreciated by their partner or may even feel neglected. More often than not, resentment starts to build and couples begin to criticize even the smallest…

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Career Advice

I am 18 and looking for a career in counselling or psychology. Not sure which program to choose or which way to proceed. I’m from India and will graduate from high school this April. I want to know options in Canada in the field of counselling or neuro-psychology/behavior psychology program. Can you provide some assistance in the finding the best program? – New to Canada

Dear New, Yes, the road to becoming a counsellor may seem confusing and even daunting. It was for me as well, when I started my program over 27 years ago. I had many questions: Should I specialize or generalize? Should I treat adults (men, women, or both?), children, or families?…

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I am a single mother, trying to raise my daughter with religious principles and values. It’s why I was shocked when I caught my four-year-old daughter playing with her genitals in the living room during a party at my house. I immediately chastised her in front of my guests and sent her to her room. I’m now feeling guilty for the way I reacted. Could I have done something else, and how can I fix this mess? – Motherhood Challenges

Dear Motherhood, As a therapist, I’m wondering what is the real issue here – do you have an issue with your daughter “playing with her genitals,” or do you have a problem with the fact that others saw her doing this? First of all, all children go through a time…

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