Dr. Faizal Sahukhan

I help lessen the pressures of life by providing a safe space for patients to release. 

Dr. Faizal is a Couples Counsellor and Clinical Sexologist. He is also a national director of the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (CPCA), a board-approved counselling supervisor and the author of Dating the Ethnic Man: Strategies for Success. He has spent most of his adult life building bridges between cultures and hosted a radio column, Love Across Cultures, on CBC Radio. Dr. Faizal is a lead Subject Matter Expert/Curriculum Developer and an instructor in Stenberg College’s Counselling Therapist Diploma program.

Disclaimer: Dear Dr. Faizal is not intended as a replacement for therapy. If you need help, please contact a mental health professional to deal with your issue personally. If you are in crisis, please dial the local emergency telephone number (often 911) in your area.

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